Features & Reviews—Recent and Popular

BOT OR NOT: An interview with Oscar Schwartz
A conversation with the Melbourne-based poet and researcher on robot poetry and what humans can learn from computers.
Facing the Music
Ian Jorgensen (Blink), trailblazing founder of A Low Hum and Puppies, on music as a commodity, the death of live music, mainstream media, and the problem with APRA.
Bogart and beyond
Film culture tsar Adrian Wootton on Humphrey Bogart, Patricia Highsmith, John le Carré, and Katharine Hepburn.
Championing The Stranger and The Lady from Shanghai
BRANNAVAN GNANALINGAM praises two compromised Orson Welles films, still vital and almost joyful in their imposed messiness.
Contemplating National Gallery and PRISMISM
The parallel spaces of Frederick Wiseman’s National Gallery documentary and Auckland artist Emil McAvoy’s first exhibition of paintings.
The Fiddler and the Arborist
JOAN FLEMING interviews American expat poets Steven Toussaint and Lee Posna.
Frederick Wiseman, Florian Habicht + others
BRANNAVAN GNANALINGAM leads a series of conversations with local and international filmmakers at the New Zealand International Film Festival.
Conversations: The Tone of Things
Talking Jake the movie, scriptwriting as a means to an end, collaboration vs. authorship, and finding the right tone with DOUG DILLAMAN.
FEMEN and Me
Ukraine is Not a Brothel director Kitty Green tells LAURA SUZUKI about befriending the founders of the radical Feminist protest group.
Burden of Dreams
On the supreme sadness and power of escapism in Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, the Zellner Brothers’ strange tale of an obsessive personal quest.
Documentary Realities
MELINDA JACKSON learns about China co-productions, our obsession with time, fiction vs. reality, and the future of radio at the Screen Edge Forum 2014.
Auckland Writers Festival
LAURA SUZUKI and DOUG DILLAMAN spend time with Irvine Welsh, A.M. Homes, Eimear McBride, Alice Walker, Eleanor Catton, Jang Jin-sung, and others.
Conversations: Newer Testaments with Amy Brown
Lumière’s former creative writing editor talks to JOAN FLEMING about The Odour of Sanctity, sainthood, creativity through faith, and the line between poetry and prose.
Liam Finn, Wide Awake + The Nihilist
ALEXANDER BISLEY’s in-depth conversation with Liam Finn, plus JAMES MANNING on “a stunning album that keeps on giving.”
Spotlight on Sydney + Melbourne
Gary Shteyngart, Reza Aslan, Steve James, and Vivid Sydney; Patrice Tipoki of Les Misérables, plus Joe Swanberg at the Melbourne International Film Festival
Reconsidering Funny Face
TIM WONG on the fashionable/unfashionable style of Stanley Donen’s 1957 musical. Plus, a digression on Rouben Mamoulian’s neglected Silk Stockings.
Simon Starling: In Speculum
The Turner Prize-winning conceptual artist discusses his practice with THOMASIN SLEIGH on the occasion of a major survey of his work.
Denis O’Hare, Charles Bradley,
Neko Case, Marc Labreche
ALEXANDER BISLEY interviews a quartet of great artists at the New Zealand Festval.
What Exactly is The Wolf of Wall Street Selling?
LAURA SUZUKI checks the fine print on Martin Scorsese’s razzle-dazzle new film.
Conversations: Novel Beginnings
BRANNAVAN GNANALINGAM and THOMASIN SLEIGH, authors of You Should Have Come Here and Ad Lib respectively, talk about the process of writing a novel.
A Correspondence with Eleanor Catton
JOAN FLEMING gathers exquisite thoughts on writing and reading from the Man Booker Prize-winning author of The Luminaries.


Alexander Bisley: Tyler Perry, All Is Lost, The Coen Brothers, Naomie Harris, Nebraska, Quotes from the 51st NYFF, Tom Hanks, Vincent Ward, Paul Greengrass, John Clarke, Guillermo Arriaga, Park Chan-wook, Toa Fraser, Mike Lerner, Alex Gibney.
Alice May Connolly: Scenes in My Head, Performance as spectacle in The Master.
Brannavan Gnanalingam: Concerning Violence, Timbuktu, The Wonders, The Reunion, Force Majeure, Home from Home, Winter Sleep, Our Sunhi, Holy Motors, Outtakes 2014, Reel Brazil 2014, The Connection, Toomelah, Vanya on 42nd Street, Eureka, Zazie dans le Métro, Graeme Cowley.
Doug Dillaman: The Point of It, National Gallery, Borgman, Enemy, Unnatural History, Housebound, Making REALITi, Snowpiercer, French Film Festival 2014.
Jacob Powell: Leviathan, Winter Sleep, It Follows, Boyhood, Land Ho!, Maps to the Stars, The Rover, The Double, Kung Fu Elliot, E-Team, Why Don’t You Play in Hell?, Frank, God Help the Girl, Short Term 12, Andrew Bujalski on Computer Chess.
Laura Suzuki: The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Patema Inverted, 52 Tuesdays, Hard to Be a God, Big Men, The beautiful emptiness of Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.
Melinda Jackson: Big Screen Symposium 2013.
Nathan Joe: German Film Festival 2014, Wild Tales, The Reunion, Two Days, One Night, Venus in Fur, Under the Skin, Love Is Strange, Lilting.
Steve Garden: Crime and no punishment, The Tree of Life.
Tim Wong: Cold in July, Show People, Under the Skin, Manakamana, Hard to Be a God, The Congress, Snowpiercer, Jodorowsky’s Dune, Exhibition, Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, Story of My Death, Fish & Cat, The World in Miniature, Black Moon, Bringing Up Baby, American Treasures, Breaking Bad’s bad habits.


Alexander Bisley: Masha Gessen, Pico Iyer, Sylvie Simmons.
Alice May Connolly: Alison Bechdel.
Brannavan Gnanalingam: Marcus Chown, Pip Adam, Eleanor Catton.
Doug Dillaman: An Hour with Marcus Chown.
Joan Fleming: Craig Cliff on The Mannequin Makers.
Emma Adams: Terry Castle, Rebecca Macfie.
Kimaya Mcintosh: Scarlett Thomas, Junot Díaz’s This is How You Lose Her.
Laura Suzuki: Eimear McBride, Sandor Katz.
Saiya Guo: Anne Kennedy.
Saradha Koirala: Rising to the Surface, Stuff I’ve Been Reading, A History of Silence, Unspeakable Secrets of the Aro Valley, How to Speak New Zenglish, Shehan Karunatilaka, Auckland Writers & Readers Festival, I’m Your Man.


Alexander Bisley: Seven NYC cultural highlights, Chali 2na, Kris Kristofferson & Steve Earle, Jessica Rivera, Kody Nielson, Leonard Cohen, Jerry Zigmont, Lord of the Echo, Lil B, Anna Coddington, Mark Turner.
Barney Chunn: Estère Rising, Nesian Mystik, The Bads.
Brannavan Gnanalingam: Ludwig Treviranus.
Doug Dillaman: Wellington Jazz Festival, Yo La Tengo, Frente Cumbiero.
James Manning: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Homegrown, Booga Beazley, Eminem.
P.R. Harris: Beethoven’s 32 Piano Sonatas, Hopkinson Smith, Leonard Cohen.
Tim Glasgow: E/N/T’s Central Complex, Timothy Blackman on This Country.

Theatre & Performing Arts

Alexander Bisley: Dave Armstrong, Jim Moriarty.
Alice May Connolly: Riddiford Street: Season 3, The Road That Wasn’t There, Needles and Opium.
Charles Bisley: A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay.
Jonathan Price: Vanilla Miraka.
Ksenia Khor: War Horse, Coriolanus.
Maggie White: Revelations, Wild Man.
Michael Boyes: The Pianist, Black Faggot, The Flying Dutchman, Madame Butterfly.
Mohamad Atif Slim: Wicked, Reimagining La Belle et la Bête.
Nathan Joe: Stag Weekend, Blood Brothers.
Sam Brooks: HeLa, Young and Hungry, Trees Beneath the Lake, Ivy, The Night Sky, Wild Bees, …Him, Belleville, The Good Soul of Szechuan, Terror Highway, Verbatim, An Unseasonable Fall of Snow, The Wilderness, Mana Wahine, Hoki Mai Tama Ma.
Samuel Phillips: Isaac’s Eye, The Pitman Painters, Tut, God-belly, Everything is Surrounded, The Mountebank, All Your Wants and Needs Fulfilled Forever, Pasefika, Paniora!, Bullet Catch.
Stacey Knott: Nelson Arts Festival, Renee Lyons on Nick: An Accidental Hero.
Steve Wakeem: Equivocation, An Iliad, My Stories, Your Emails.

Visual Arts

Alexander Bisley: Ans Westra.
Andy Palmer: Peter McLeavey, Condemned, the grass is awfully green, Old New World, River-Road: Journeys Through Ecology.
Renee Gerlich: Site + Story + Object: A Theory of Engagement.
Thomasin Sleigh: 5th Auckland Triennial, The Stuttering Conversation: Art New Zealand in 2013, Watermarking at the Liverpool Biennial.
Tim Wong: Minutes from ‘The Clock’.

Scrapbook—Audio/Visual Excerpts

•  The Lumière Photo Essay: Portraits of Estère by Daniel Rose.
•  Illustration: “Naomie Harris” by Elina Nykänen / “Noam Chomsky” by Matt Kambic / “Tilda Swinton” by Anna Tokareva / “Denis O’Hare” by Hikalu Clarke.
•  The Lumière Photo Essay: SJD and band, shot by James Black.