RAECHEL REES has been versed into shape by poets Cliff Fell, Jessica Le Bas, Chris Price and Rachel Bush. She has had poetry published in the anthology Work and Space and was once featured in Coyote magazine but the whole article is in katakana so she doesn’t know if it was any good.

*   *   *

       Before difference

       I want to remember you
       and me as children. Before
       we were bodies in the moonlight.

       I imagine the playground at school:

       There’s me – I’m at one end
       making daisy chains for friends
       and you’re on the swing
       over there
       with your legs kicked high.

       And hey –
       There’s you at show and tell

       You’re in a pressed and buttoned shirt
       playing something beautiful
       on a beaten-up piano

       a couple of keys are out of tune

       and there’s me again –

       I’m singing all the words
       under my breath.