ANN-MARIE KEATING lives in Mt Victoria, Wellington. Her day job involves working to secure royal gold, silver and unicorns. Her interests include writing, baby animals and playing her guitar.

*   *   *


       Red dress so vivid
       Floats past her in the picture
       Robs her lips of colour
       It’s almost obscene

       She’s floating on a dark background
       Inky bath
       Obscured by bits of plants
       I feel like a voyeur

       A walk in the park

       A balloon joyously escaping
       A vanishing, crying child

       A waggy bean of a dog

       These gardens were planted for us
       I am talking
       Always talking
       While you do all the listening

       It could have been a beautiful day
       I begin to cry
       And the world goes all Monet

       We walk home and
       Blind stars
       Like deep sea fishes’
       Milky eyes
       Pour over us