JESSIE BORRELLE is a Melbourne-based New Zealand writer and broadcaster. She is founder and co-editor of the mobile arts column Spit & Polish. Borrelle maintains an intimidating collection of ceramic ducks.

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Chinese Pop Music

You’ve been lying on your back all afternoon, listening to Chinese pop music from the fifties. It’s pretty good stuff, it makes you feel better, but not okay. The ceiling fans are switched on. Their blades turn slowly, like clock-hands, churning up the air. They lower the dust in thin clouds, onto your deep-set brow. You are a handsome fellow and the consequences of this have both softened the blow and polluted your solitude. A dribble of saliva, dispensed from your half-open mouth, has almost travelled the length of your cheek. You have just decided that without a guitar on your thighs and a song in your heart you are no good to anyone.