ANNA KELLY is a student and mild coffee addict. She lives in Dunedin.

*   *   *


       i can drink from the bottle
       in this room—
       one bed, one plate, knife, spoon
       two forks. a bass down the hall
       a baseball in the room upstairs.
       I have keys, a short fall,
       two shoes. too many blues.
       a back that bends and mends.
       you have my back, I know.
       i live in Paris. upstairs is Iris
       downstairs is hit or miss.
       the days train along here.
       my dead friend is still dead.
       i speak a living tongue.
       i’m cool to the touch.
       water is two euros here.
       jim morrison lives down the road.
       it’s a long road to perfect.
       i have my own apartment.
       i don’t live in Paris.
       i let off a red balloon every year.
       maybe one goes to Paris.