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The Lumière Reader presents

“The Lumière Reader presents” is a web series of original essay films and digital documentaries. Produced by a collective of writers and filmmakers, these films seek to engage with fellow artists, thinkers, and practitioners—particularly those whose work has been neglected, misunderstood, or obscured by popular media and culture.
Produced by Lumière Industries in association with NZ On Air.

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Out of the Mist: An Alternate History of New Zealand Cinema. Two decades on from Cinema of Unease, Tim Wong’s ambitious essay film contemplates the prevailing image of a national cinema while privileging some of the images and image-makers displaced by the popular view of filmmaking in New Zealand. Narrated by Eleanor Catton. Published November 5, 2015. Read More »

Paper Boat: Moments in the life of a book. Alex Mitcalfe Wilson charts the journey a book follows when it is published today, telling a story of creativity and commitment through the words of those who carry a text through each step of that path: writers, editors, designers, printers, binders, booksellers, and librarians. Published September 1, 2015. Read More »

Land of the Long White Stain: A love letter to music on the margins. Claire Duncan (i.e. crazy, Dear Time’s Waste) follows her musical comrades on a tour of New Zealand in this contemplative ode to a brood of genre-bending Auckland musicians, among them Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing, Seth Frightening, and Shab Orkestra. Published July 3, 2015. Read More »


Against Efficiency and other texts


How does one look at an artwork efficiently? How does one make work efficiently, transmit ideas with the minimum amount of noise, or read a poem in a labour-saving or cost-effective way? More imperatively—why would anybody mistake this for a good idea?
In January/February 2015, emerging artist and writer Matilda Fraser, recipient of the Blue Oyster Art Project Space Summer Writing Residency, spent six weeks in Dunedin developing a long form text responding to the question “is criticism still relevant?
Against Efficiency and other texts expands, rethinks, and inverts this question, examining the value-exchange systems surrounding present modes of critique, while posing new questions around how we address art, even if it doesn’t always address us.
Motivated to support and promote diverse perspectives and healthy debate around arts culture in New Zealand, this suite of texts is a result of a new collaboration between the Blue Oyster Art Project Space and The Lumière Reader. Both organisations recognised a shared opportunity to foster creative and critically engaged writing practices around contemporary art by offering the recipient an opportunity to use the Blue Oyster as a studio for six weeks, and then develop a text with the mentorship and publishing support of The Lumière Reader.
In addition to the special website developed for Matilda’s text, a limited print edition was created as part of Blue Oyster’s Online Publications initiative, with design by Tim Wong. Published May 1, 2015.

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Release date: August 27, 2015